Information about Mount Athos Halkidiki Greece


The Monasteries celebration according to the Julian calendar.


Great Lavra St. Athanasios the Athonite (5 July)
Iviron Dormition (15 August)
Vatopedi Annunciation (25 March)
Philotheou Annunciation (25 March)
Xeropotamou Forty Martyrs (9 March)
Esphigmenou Ascension
Dochiariou Archangels Michael & Gabriel (8 November)
St Paul’s Purification (2 February)
Karakalou Sts Peter & Paul (29 June)
Xenophontos St. George (23 April)
Konstamonitou St. Stephen (27 December)
Koutloumousiou Transfiguration (6 August)
St Panteleimonos St. Panteleimon (27 July)
Chilandari Presentation (21 November)
Zographou St. George (23 April)
Pantokratoros Transfiguration (6 August)
Simonopetra Nativity (25 December)
Dionysiou St. John the Baptist (24 June)
Grigoriou St. Nicholas (6 December)
Stavronikita St. Nicholas (6 December)