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Day of a Monk

Day of a Monk

The daily life of the monks is divided into 3 parts: Eight hours for study and individual prayer, eight hours for work, and eight for rest.

Prayer is of two kinds, the individual and the common. The individual prayer that the monk says from within is usually the phrase “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, praise me” where he says it alongside his royal prayer.

The Common Prayer is the Sequences of the Midnight, the Orthodox, the Divine Liturgy, the Hours, the Death, and the Esperino. Waking on Sundays and the days of the holidays takes more hours so that the prayer hours of the monks are rising. Monks during their study usually read Eugene, Leadership, Saints Biographies, Father’s writings, and more.

Many monks even study so much that they know from the whole of the Old and New Testaments. The work or otherwise is shared by the monks, usually according to the knowledge they possess.