Information about Mount Athos Halkidiki Greece



Monastery Stavronikita

It is one of the smallest monasteries of the Holy Mountain following however the traditional architecture, with the Katholicon in the middle.

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Monastery Agios Pavlou

It is situated in the west foot of Athos, 20 min from the sea and is dedicated in the Presentation of Christ to the temple.

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Monastery Simonos Petras

The seven-stored monastery of Simonopetra is the most bold construction of the peninsula, and is dedicated to the birth of Christ

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Monastery Filotheou

Two hours and a half from Karyes lies the monastery of Filotheou. It is built 300 meters above the sea level.It was built by St. Filotheos before 972.

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Monastery Karakallou

Monastery Karakallou

The monastery is situated between the monasteries of Great Lavra and Iviron, on a slope by the sea and is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul.

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Monastery Zografou

The monastery was founded, according to tradition, in the 10th c. by three brothers, Moses, Aaron and Ioannis from Achris.

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Monastery Xiropotamou

The monastery is in the middle of the athonite peninsula, on the way from Daphne to Karyes and is dedicated to the 40 Martyrs.

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Monastery Pandokratoros

The monastery is built by the sea, in the N.E. side of the peninsula and is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour.

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Monastery Koutloumousiou

The original monastery was built before the 12th century but in the 14th centutry, abbot Chariton of Imvros, receeded to the enlargement of the monastery

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Monastery Agios Dionisiou

It was built in the middle 14th century by the monk Dionysious of Koryssos in the Kastoria precinct, with the financial support of the emperor Alexius III Comnenos of Trapezous

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